Sonos' latest speaker isn't for everyone. But if you're a Beastie Boys fan, you'll go nuts.

The company made a special Beastie Boys version of its Play:5 speaker. It looks modern, minimalist and white, but does say "Beastie Boys" on the front grille in red, so you'd pretty much have to be a fan to have it in your home.

Designed by San Francisco artist Barry McGee, it was made with direct input from Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz and Michael “Mike D” Diamond of the Beastie Boys. In fact, the speaker, which will be available in a limited run, coincides with the release of the group's new memoir. All proceeds from its sale will go to charities Support Peace Sisters and Little Kids Rock - on behalf of the Adam Yauch Foundation.

Sonos has released limited edition versions of its Play:1 speaker in the past, but not so much with the Play:5. In our review of the standard speaker, we said the sound it delivers is superb, especially with Trueplay software tuning. Yes it's slightly bass biased, there's no hi-res support, and it's not cheap, but the new Play:5 is all-round fantastic and well worth the splash of cash.

You can but the Sonos Play:5 Beastie Boys Edition in December for $499 on and select retailers worldwide.