(Pocket-lint) - Sonos makes tremendous hi-fi audio equipment, capable of sharing great sound wirelessly across speakers, even across multiple rooms. Its latest release, the small but powerful Sonos Beam compact soundbar, is soon to go on sale.

If you've used Sonos speakers, you'll know how easy they are to set up, how impressive they sound and how they grow more capable as extra features are added over time.

Sonos speakers are versatile in another way, thanks to accessories like speaker stands from Flexson.

Here are a few of the company's best ways to customise your speakers. And, please note, these are stands and mounts that are superbly well made, perfectly fitting the Sonos speakers and built to last.

Flexson Adjustable Wall Mount for Beam

Sonos Beam is a tremendous way to get the best sound from your TV, and it's good enough quality to work as a hi-fi when you're playing music, too. But what do you do if your flatscreen is wall-mounted? You don't want to spoil the look with cables dribbling down to the floor or plonking the Beam on a table. Flexson's solution is a perfect fit for the Beam and classily built.

What's more, it's adjustable so you can angle the Beam exactly as you want it through 180 degrees. The Beam comes in two colours, black and white, so the wall mount is available in both colours to match. And it'll go almost anywhere: handy if you want to mount it on the wall under a kitchen cupboard, say.

Buy Flexon Adjustable Wall Mount for Sonos Beam - £89.99

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Flexson Cantilever Mount for TV and Beam

Or maybe you'd prefer one accessory to work with your TV as well as the Beam? Then the Cantilever Mount is for you. It's an all-in-one solution which works with the Beam and TVs measuring up to 43 inches and weighing up to 20kg (44lbs). Once you've attached the mount to the wall and the TV and Beam to the mount, they move together. So, you can swivel them through 180 degrees (90 degrees left or right) and tilt up or down through 20 degrees to get the viewing angle just right in every direction.

Buy Flexon Cantilever Mount for TV and Beam - £149.99

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Flexson Floor Stand for Sonos One

Now your Beam is sorted, you might like to add a pair of Sonos One speakers for a full surround-sound effect. These smaller speakers sound great in most positions but for optimum listening, raising them off the ground really helps. The Flexson Floor Stand puts the Sonos One (or Play:One) at the ideal listening height. The stand is 82cm tall. Choose from gel pads for hard floors or spikes for carpets so the speaker will stand securely. There's a channel at the rear to help hide the power cable. The stand also includes a power extension cable to give you extra reach to the plug socket. Choose from black or white finishes.

Buy Flexson Floor Stand for Sonos One - £59.99

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Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos One

A floor stand doesn't suit every room - there may be furniture in just the place you want the speaker to go. So, this wall mount is designed so the base of the Sonos One fits the Flexson securely and seamlessly. It's available in black or white to match the speaker. And you can tilt the Sonos downwards through 15 degrees or swivel it through 40 degrees right or left. If you want to place it higher up, it might be difficult to reach the Sonos One's top surface for gesture controls, or to be sure the microphone will hear you. Don't worry, Flexson has thought of that: you can even mount the speaker upside down!

Buy Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos One - £29.99

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Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos Sub

Because bass is non-directional, you can place the Sonos Sub anywhere and it'll sound great. But supposing the place that suits your room layout best is on the wall? No problem. This precision-crafted black wall bracket is styled to match the size, style and colour of the Sub perfectly. It's solid and strong, holding the Sub securely in place. Now, you can free up floor space and still get the sonic lift the Sub provides. It means you can place the Sub discreetly out of sight, if you wish. It's even designed to route the cable neatly.

Buy Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos Sub - £59.99

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