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(Pocket-lint) - If you've been dreaming about a slick-looking, built-in sound system that won't break the bank, then feast your eyes on Ikea's latest project.

Ikea and Sonos teased in December that they were partnering up, and then, during the Sonos Beam launch event on 6 June, Sonos confirmed it was helping the flat-pack furniture retailer develop a new speaker line. Now, Ikea is actually showing off what it's been working on, in the form of non-functional prototypes, which are currently on display at Ikea’s Democratic Design Days event in Sweden. 

IKEA/Sonos (via The Verge)Ikea And Sonos Display Their First Smart Speaker Prototypes image 3

The new range, called SYMFONISK, is not yet finished, and the final products may not look like what is pictured here. The Verge was told the final products will fully integrate with Sonos’ range of Wi-Fi speakers as well as Ikea’s range of Tradfris smart devices, which includes lights, dimmers, and switches. At least one of these prototypes also has a bracket so that it can be attached to Ikea furniture.

IKEA/Sonos (via The Verge)Ikea And Sonos Display Their First Smart Speaker Prototypes image 2

This isn't Ikea's first stab at connected audio devices. It launched Bluetooth speakers earlier this year. Called Eneby, that speaker range was also designed with a minimalist look, and like some other Scandinavian speakers, they have mesh fabric front panels. The Eneby speakers are available now, for £45 for the small model and £80 for the larger. The speaker stand and optional battery pack cost extra.

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Ikea hasn't revealed any pricing details for its new SYMFONISK line, though we suspect it'll be far cheaper than Sonos' own offerings, which often cost hundreds of pounds. The new Sonos Beam speaker, for instance, costs $399/£399, and its predecessor, the Playbar, costs £699/£699. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.