(Pocket-lint) - Multi-room speaker pioneer Sonos, said in October last year that it would be supporting Apple's new AirPlay 2 platform, adding that all of its speakers will be able to work with it.

Today, the company has confirmed that AirPlay 2 will actually only be coming to three products via a software update, but all products will be able to take advantage of it. AirPlay 2 will be supported by the Sonos One, PlayBase and Play:5. However, if you have any of these three, but also some older Sonos speakers, such as the Sonos Play:1 and Play:3, you will be able to stream music to them, via an AirPlay 2-enabled speaker. 

Sonos has said AirPlay 2 requires an awful lot of processing power, which its older speakers simply can't support and is the reason why they won't be able to inherently work with Apple's streaming platform. If you have one of the three compatible speakers, you will need to make sure they are grouped together with older speakers for music to be streamed to all. 

While this means you will have to play the same song on all grouped speakers, if you have multiple compatible and multiple older Sonos products, you could potentially have two separate AirPlay 2-enabled groups. Sonos has also confirmed that you will be able to use any Siri-enabled device, such as an iPhone or iPad, to control Apple Music on your Sonos system. 

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There's still no confirmed launch date for AirPlay 2, but it's possible it will arrive with iOS 11.4, but again, we don't know when this will be released. 

Writing by Max Langridge.