Sonos will hold an event in New York later today to formerly announce its latest speaker, much rumoured to be a smart, voice controlled device much like Amazon Echo and Google Home. However, we might have learned a major aspect of it ahead of the announcement: its name.

According to a warehouse stock listing posted online, the new Sonos speaker will be called Sonos Bootleg.

The website of the Synnex Corporation, a distributor in the US, was found to have the Bootleg in both black and white listed on its site along with all the existing Sonos products currently available.

SynnexSonos Play1 image 2

We suspect Bootleg might just be a codename, however.

Considering the manufacturer part number for both variants of Bootleg are listed as ONEG1US1 and ONEG1US1BLK, and every other Sonos product is listed with a part number that includes the final name in some form, the Sonos Bootleg could, in fact, be called Sonos One.

We'll find out for sure after the New York launch event later.

In the meantime, you can check out all the rumours and everything we know about the Sonos smart speaker here: Sonos smart speaker: Release date, rumours, and everything you need to know.