(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has previously confirmed that it would be integrating Amazon Alexa into its wireless multi-room speakers by way of the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Now though, it seems the Boston-based speaker company plans to built voice control directly into the speakers themselves.

Sonos has recently updated its privacy policy that alludes to voice-control in the not-too-distant-future. In it, it says: "voice control works by your voice-enabled Sonos Product "listening" for a specific wake word. Please note that not all Sonos Products are voice-enabled". This suggests that voice control will come to select speakers, at least initially. 

It's not just Alexa that will get a look in though, as a Sonos representative told Variety that additional voice assistants besides Amazon's are covered by the updated privacy policy.

"It covers those things that we've already talked about like Alexa integration, currently in private beta. It also covers future voice experiences like additional voice assistants and any future products with integrated microphones".

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However, this is all just hints and teases for now. Sonos hasn't said exactly what products it will be releasing. It's unlikely the current wave of Sonos speakers will be updated, as they don't have built-in far-field microphones.

Sonos may choose to keep its current lineup - and perhaps update the Play:3 and Play:1 to match the aesthetic of the Play:5 - or ditch it and release an entirely new, voice-enabled family of speakers.

It's no surprise that Sonos wants to get in on the voice-control action. With Amazon and Google having their own smart speakers that can control home hi-fi systems, and Apple recently announcing the HomePod, suddenly Sonos is almost on the back burner, and has some catching up to do.

Writing by Max Langridge.