(Pocket-lint) - Sonos plans to one day launch a speaker you can control with your voice via Amazon Alexa (and maybe even Google Assistant).

It seems like every company is making an Amazon Echo-like speaker, but Sonos isn't your average company. It makes premium speakers and has been consistently innovative on how it allows customers to control those speakers, either individually or all synced up, among other things. Just last August, for instance, it even announced that it would add Amazon Echo support to its existing speakers.

Sonos also told Variety on Friday it's now testing the feature, which allows anyone with an Amazon Echo or Dot to control their Sonos systems. Furthermore, it's planning a new speaker with microphones and built-in Alexa. When asked if a Sonos speaker with Alexa is coming, CEO Patrick Spence said: “Yes, there will be.” He's also imagined a future where customers use multiple voice systems.

Instead of just Alexa, you could use any voice assistant to control your Sonos speakers. He compared the idea to how Sonos already offers support for a multitude of competing music services. Sonos is even open to supporting Google Home, which offers the Google Assistant.

It's unclear if Google or Amazon would allow such a thing to happen. Spence wouldn't elaborate on demands from the partners, but he argued that exclusive deals for voice control aren't "gonna work in the home", since most people use different phones and platforms.

Writing by Elyse Betters.