(Pocket-lint) - Apple Music has finally arrived on Sonos in full.

From today, the full Apple Music streaming service will be available to all Sonos speaker owners and will provide access to all of the features subscribers expect.

That includes the For You, New, Radio (including Beats 1) and My Music sections. The vast library of tracks Apple makes available for streaming can now be played.

Some of you might be thinking, "Hang on, we've had Apple Music for a couple of months." That's because Sonos released a beta version of Apple Music on its platform in December last year.

The trials were successful so the integration is now being rolled out globally.

"This partnership has been an excellent example of two companies that truly care about music coming together to deliver a great listening experience," said John MacFarlane, Sonos chief executive officer.

"Working with Apple gives us the opportunity to share Apple Music throughout people's homes in a way that's easy, intuitive, and sounds great."

If you haven't been part of the beta process, to get Apple Music on your Sonos system you need to go to "Add Music Services", choose the Apple Music icon and sign into your Apple account. You do need to be a subscriber to the service.

Writing by Rik Henderson.