Sonos offers a software feature called Trueplay that will make your existing speakers sound better. The software is designed to allow users to place their Sonos speakers wherever they like, even a cupboard, and still achieve good sound quality.

Trueplay enables you to tune your Sonos speaker according to the room it is located in. The idea is that the step-by-step process, which we have shown in the gallery, will lead to a series of sounds being produced.

The microphone in the iOS device you are using to complete the steps will pick up the way these sounds react to the surrounding room and the objects in it. The data collected will then be used to tune the Sonos speaker accordingly.

We have explained in more detail how the process works in our Trueplay explained feature, but head to the gallery to see the process for tuning your Sonos speaker to the room you have it in. Trueplay is offered for the Play:1, Play:3, old Play:5, new Play:5, and the Playbar following the 6 December 2016 software update.

Trueplay requires an Apple device running iOS 7 and above for the tuning process, as well as users getting up off the sofa. The tuning setup cannot currently be done with an Android device but Sonos has said it is working on it.