(Pocket-lint) - Flexson, the company that specialise in Sonos accessories, has announced a Play:1 stand that angles the speaker to fire audio slightly upwards and therefore at a better height for your ears. That means you can place it at any level, even low down.

The Flexson Desk Stand for Sonos Play:1 also prevents vibrations on a flat surface and is designed to match either black or white speakers.

It has metal design with chrome effect inlay, yet retains the same footprint as the original Sonos Play:1 so doesn't require any more space.

"There are thousands of Sonos Play:1 speakers sitting on desks, tables, kitchen worktops and bedside cabinets," said David Cain, Flexson's sales and marketing manager. "This beautifully styled, easy-to-fit solution doesn’t mean sacrificing space, either: the Desk Stand has the same footprint as the speaker."

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The Desk Stand will be available from late June for £24.99 and will come in either white or black. You can pre-order one now from Amazon.co.uk.

Flexson also ranges a white collection of other Sonos accessories, including floorstands and wall mounts for the Sonos Play:1 speakers. Alternatively, you can change the colour of your Play:1 with the ColourPlay vinyl skins that its sells for £19.99 a set.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.