Although it faces competition from numerous rivals, including Samsung and LG, the Sonos wireless music system is perhaps the best known in the field. That's undoubtedly because it was one of the first systems on the market, that uses your home network to stream music from multiple sources and to multiple rooms.

However, starting a multiple room Sonos system was always an expensive endeavour. Yes, you could use a Play:1 solo speaker on its own, but it works much better when there are more than one component in your home - you make the most of the opportunity to play Spotify, Deezer, Tidal or other services through the system in multiple rooms at once.

That's why Sonos has introduced a starter bundle that provides speakers for two separate rooms at a reduced cost.

The 2 Room Starter Set comprises two Sonos Play:1 speakers for £299. Usually they retail for £169 each, so the pack represents a saving of almost £40.

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You can choose from black or white speakers and they work with all other Sonos components, so you can even add to your household system in time. If you add a Sonos Playbar and subwoofer, for example, you can use the Play:1 speakers as rear channels in a home cinema system.

The Play:1 speakers can also be used as a stereo pair, to go with a TV perhaps, so this bundle is great value if that's a route you fancy taking.