(Pocket-lint) - Deezer has announced that its Deezer Elite high-quality streaming service will now be available for use through Sonos stereo systems.

Sonos already offers Deezer's conventional service and will soon add higher quality audio access through a Deezer Elite subscription too. It provides high quality streamed audio including lossless FLAC files.

Deezer Elite, as the enhanced service is called, offers users music at 1,411kbps or higher which works with Sonos multi-room systems. MP3 quality, like on Spotify, is limited to 320kbps.

The Deezer Elite service will launch on 19 March making it "the largest global high definition streaming service in more than 150 countries". It has a library of 35 million tracks in a quality the company describes as high definition.

Deezer Elite is already available in the US via Sonos. In a recent study of these users it was found that 65 per cent of Deezer Elite users said they would never go back to MP3 quality music with 91 per cent saying they can hear the difference.

Deezer Elite will be a free upgrade to Sonos users with an existing Deezer Premium+ account. Sonos is offering promotional users a cost of 36 euros, about £27, to upgrade for a full year. Pricing for new users will be announced in March when there will also be a free three-day trial available.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.