Sonos has unveiled new special edition speaker in collaboration with the respected Blue Note Records label.

Called Sonos Play:1 Blue Note Limited Edition, it's described as the company's "first ever limited edition" speaker, and it is meant to celebrate more than 75 years of jazz music with Blue Note Records.

Sonos and Blue Note have partnered together to collaborate on the speaker, give it a custom design, and grant access to exclusive playlists of jazz music for those that buy it. 

Instead of plain white or black, the Blue Note PLAY:1 speaker features a colour finish that vertically fades from dark navy to cerulean blue. It's a custom shade developed through "hand-painting techniques and strategic use of robots". The paint line for the perforated metal grills, for instance, were made using seven gravity-fed atomising spray nozzles.

Apart from the design, the speaker stands out because it is launching with a Blue Note on Sonos radio station (via TuneIn) built into the main menu of the Sonos app. The radio station comes with a year of Blue Note programming, thanks to three curated channels called Artist Selects, Born in Blue, and Blue Note 101.

The Blue Note PLAY:1 will be sold exclusively on for $250/£220. Sonos has confirmed it only made about 4,100 units, and it expects all of them to sell quickly.