(Pocket-lint) - Sonos released a new software update for beta users, Sonos 5.2, last month. It is now available for everyone bringing new features as well as improving the performance of the company's Playbar speaker.

Available from today for Android users, the biggest new feature that is likely to be enjoyed by the most people is the introduction of multi-account access for music streaming services.

Now rather than having to work with the playlists of just one account in the home, Sonos users will be able to switch and change on the fly to other accounts.

That should make accessing specific playlists easier, as well as ensure that any personalisation services are personalising to the right owner.

Android users also get the ability to control Sonos from the lock screen of their Android smartphone or tablet to play, pause, and skip tracks in an instant and a more enhanced search tool that searches across all their music sources, inclusive of songs stored directly on your device, rather than just music services they've subscribed to. 

On the hardware front, Sonos has also updated the sound performance of its Playbar speaker.

"We are always learning," Ryan Taylor, the company's Senior Product Marketing told Pocket-lint in a phone interview ahead of the announcement. "So we've taken some of that and the things we learnt with Play:1 and delivered that for PlayBar."

Those learnings also include improvements to the soundstage (using stereo imaging), along with updates to the EQ and volume balance. In all, the company has adapted around 27 different configurations, and says that in early tests around 50 per cent of those that experienced the update could tell the difference.

"It is about using the tools we have and enhancing them. Our business isn't about launching a new Playbar every holidays," Taylor assured us before hinting that similar enhancements could be coming to other speakers in the range including the Play:5 and the Play:3.

The 5.2 update is available for Android users today.

Writing by Stuart Miles.