Sonos has announced that owners of its speakers will now be able to stream SoundCloud music using a new beta release.

Sonos multi-room wireless speakers play using the home Wi-Fi network. That means that by using the Sonos app users will be able to access SoundCloud music directly and stream it straight to their Sonos speakers.

SoundCloud is a great way to discover new music from original artists as well as hearing mixes of tracks. There is also news, podcasts, comedy and more available on SoundCloud. Every minute there are 12 hours of audio and music uploaded to SoundCloud.

The Sonos app uses "multi-service integration" meaning one search for a song will trawl any apps that work with Sonos. So if a song isn't on Spotify it may come up with a result found on SoundCloud, all seamlessly.

The SoundCloud beta is available to Sonos users from today.

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