Sonos is testing software that will make your Sonos wireless home music system truly wireless.

At present, you need to have one component - either a Bridge or one of the speakers - connected by LAN cable to a router. However, advanced Wi-Fi software will eliminate the need for the "first wire", allowing the main hub unit to connect to the internet wirelessly. All other speakers will still then connect to each other over the SonosNet mesh network.

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"This new software solution will make Sonos simpler than ever. Start with a speaker and your smartphone,
enter your Wi-Fi password and Sonos takes care of the rest," says the company.

You will still be able to use a Sonos Bridge or other device connected physically to your home network. And the firm recommends this still to be the case in larger homes where the Wi-Fi signal might not cover all nooks and crannies.

The software is also not quite yet ready for public consumption, so will undergo a beta testing phase. Sonos will announce when that is due to start soon and you can apply to take part in the program at