The Sonos Mute button now does a lot more than make everything go quiet. The company has issued an update for all Sonos speaker components that now lets the mute button do much more.

A small change admittedly, but one that is likely to have a huge affect on the way you enjoy the system.

Realising that people are increasingly using the mute button to merely get rid of the music rather than just temporarily silence the sound, Sonos has changed its use by default.

Now the mute button acts as a pause/play button allowing you to stop the music rather than just make it silent. The button when clicked twice also skips to the next track.

The new feature should appeal to Play:5, Play:3 and the even the new Play:1 customers who like to stream music.

The new update is available via the Sonos app. Users who really want to keep the mute button as just that will be able to change the button back to its original offering in the settings panel.