Sonos must be due to announce a new addition to its wireless audio system range as stock of a Sonos Play:1 speaker has appeared in an American store.

Pictured on the shelves of Target by a reader of The Verge, the Play:1 speaker is available in black and white colour schemes. Little else is known, but it seems that this is an entry-level device for the company as it costs just $199.99 in the US, about £125. The Play:3 speaker system costs £259 and is generally considered the best way to get into the world of Sonos's wireless audio ecosystem.

The Verge also speculates that the Play:1 will be a one driver solution, featuring just the one speaker inside. That is based on the fact that the Play:3 has three and the Play:5 sports five drivers.

We wait for more details or official news from Sonos, but if this is all the real deal, the Play:1 could be a very worthwhile rival to standalone Bluetooth speakers. It costs about the same too and directly links to the internet for internet radio, Spotify and all manner of music streaming services. Nice.

Update: And more pictures have popped up on Twitter, such as the one below from blogger Dave Zatz.