You asked - they listened. Apparently. Yep, we're talking Sonos and its Mac and PC Controller apps, which have both gone under the surgeon's knife and will be launching in sparkly new form next week.

The apps, according to their maker: "Will make it easier than ever to find, control and play music in any room - right from your favourite desktop or laptop."

Expect to be blown away then with instant volume control, a one-touch Party Mode that lets you set the volume in your grouped rooms simultaneously, faster access to music with an improved search feature and "better-than-ever" drag-and-drop interface.

Hyperbole aside, the new apps do look pretty slick and we particularly like the look of the new Mini Controller - "a slick, pop-out of album art that lets you control your music while you’re working in other apps, so now it’s even easier to control any music you want - any way you want".

sonos controller updates for mac and pc coming next week image 2

It looks pretty awesome and much more in tune with the widget-based apps that people are familair with from their mobile devices.

Out next week, you'll need Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, or Windows 7 SP3 to make the most of Sonos 3.7.