Sonos Controller now works with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

When the new operating system was launched, Mac-touting Sonos owners discovered that they couldn't stream music to their devices from their upgraded Apple computers any more. The Sonos Controller software wouldn't work, and therefore any music stored on a Mac couldn't be seen by Sonos equipment.

Now though, a month and a bit later, the manufacturer has released a new, compatible version of the Macintosh software that works with Lion.

The new software will allow Sonos users to play all music stored on their Macs, as before installing the new OS.

Andrew Schulert, the vice president of Quality at Sonos, has apologised for the length of time the update took to be released: "Thank you for your patience as we worked out this incompatibility issue. We're sorry if this interrupted your music listening in any way."

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