Sonos has said that it has found the bug that is stopping users from streaming music to its multi-room wireless system when using Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X Lion. 

The bug, which breaks music playback, has left Apple users sitting in silence (if they wanted to listen to their own music), however it has been isolated and is being fixed promises Andrew Schulert, vice president of Quality. 

“First things first. We’d like to apologise. We know that not being able to use your Sonos system with Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) has been a real drag,” the VP says in a letter on the company’s forum. “The long and the short of it. We began beta testing earlier this week and if all goes well, we expect that you will be able to enjoy Sonos with Lion in the next two weeks. We promise to let you know the moment it’s ready.”

Sonos, who is normally very good with customer services and renowned for the ease of use of its products, has been widely criticised for not finding the bug earlier given that Apple allowed developers to use the OS for a number of months before releasing it to the public. 

Sonos says that it’s been working with Apple for the last month and although it's had “challenges” the problem has been isolated and fixed. 

The new update should be with users within the next 2 weeks, if all goes well.