So, Mac OS X Lion has finally been unleashed to much fanfare around the globe. Mac owners everywhere are rejoicing. Well, apart from those who can't use Twitter with inverted scrolling. And think of the poor Sonos owner... They certainly won't be happy with the new OS.

It has been revealed, you see, that the Sonos Controller for Mac doesn't work with the Lion build of Mac OS X, and the only solution is to stick to Snow Leopard (or former version): "You are running a version of OS X that may be incompatible with Sonos," a pop up window informs owners.

And that means that Sonos owners who have stored their music library on their Mac, and have installed Lion, will not be able to stream music through their system until the audio company updates its software. Owners who store their files on a separate NAS drive are unaffected.

The company is well aware of the problem and is currently working to fix it: "We will have a software update to your Sonos Controller for Mac very soon that will be compatible with OS X 10.7 (Lion)," says an FAQ on its site. "We recommend that you do not upgrade to OS X 10.7 Lion and remain with your current release of OS X if at all possible in order to maintain compatibility with your Sonos."

In the meantime, Sonos is also contacting all registered owners by email to keep them informed of any developments.

PC owners, no doubt, are sitting smugly.

Have you been affected by the move over to Mac OS X Lion? Are there other pieces of software that now fail to work? Let us know in the comments below...