Sonos is set to launch a new smaller networked speaker called the Play:3 according to an FCC filing in the US.

The Sonos music system, as we are sure you know, is a multi-room easy to use music system that works by connecting a number of Zone Players together allowing you to stream music to any room in the house.

Currently the company has a number of “Zone Players” however the most compact of the offering, the S5, is still rather large – suggesting a new, smaller speaker might be the way to appeal to those looking for something a little more compact.

Discovered by tech journalist David Zatz, the new speaker looks to be a considerably smaller design that the current Sonos S5 ZonePlayer, first launched in 2009, and has presumably be designed more for the kitchen or bedroom where space is always at a premium.

According to the filing, the Sonos Play:3 is likely to be offered in both black and white (the same as the S5) and most likely come with three rather than five speakers, although the later is guess work rather than anything concrete given away by the FCC testing.

Like other ZonePlayer devices apart of the Sonos system there looks to be both wired and wireless connectivity. The device also shows the standard volume / connector button on the top.

All we’re waiting on now is a launch date and price.