Sonos has announced that it will be supporting Apple’s AirPlay technology, even though many see it as a direct competitor.

The Apple technology will allow users to stream music from any AirPlay supported app to a Sonos system as long as it’s connected on the same wireless network.

It means, says Sonos, that users will be able to play audio from dedicated apps on their music system with little effort.

Sonos users will have to buy an Airport Express base station (£83) from Apple, though, and connect it to one of the devices on their currently installed system. But, at least they won't have to upgrade all their Sonos ZonePlayers, or buy an Airport Express device for every zone. A free software update will do the rest.

“Compared to other dedicated AirPlay systems, this will give you full Sonos control over your music around your system, around your house,” a spokesman told Pocket-lint during a demo of the new offering ahead of the official announcement.

Users will be able to group, decide which zone to play the music in and change the volume in the usual way.

In fact, within a couple of minutes we were able to put the new system to the test, breaking from the agreed presentation plan and stream our own music via the Spotify app to the test Sonos in the room. We are happy to report it works, and will be giving it a more in depth look once we install the software on our own system.

Sonos is hoping that AirPlay will enhance it’s offering rather than compete, and that it ultimately allows Apple iPad or iPhone owning friends who’ve got music to share to do so in your house. And it all works nicely, as long as you’ve given them access to the wireless network.