After showing it to Pocket-lint in February at Mobile World Congress, and suffering delays along the way, Sonos has put the finishing touches to its Sonos Controller for Android app and released it into the wild (marketplace) for all to play with. Well, Sonos owners anyway.

The new app will let Android smartphone owners control their Sonos gear straight from the handset, and is virtually identical to the iPhone version that's been around for a while. The only changes come from a couple of custom-built Android features that Google allows Sonos to access (Apple locks down its OS).

Those include voice search to find your music and the ability to use the volume buttons on the phone to change the levels on your Sonos system.

However, those hoping that the release of an Android version will also mean a further application for Honeycomb tablets shouldn’t hold their breath.

Sonos has exclusively told Pocket-lint that, “although it’s not excluded, it’s not going to be in the near future.”

The company cites a lack of demand as the reason for its delay, and it's probably right. So far, there are just a handful of Android Honeycomb tablets on the market.

“If you have an Android tablet, chances are you have an Android phone,” a company spokesman told us, suggesting that Sonos isn't worried that any of its customers are missing out.

Sonos Controller for Android hands-on