Spotify has confirmed to Pocket-lint that its integration with Sonos is just the start of its march into the living room.

"We are happy to work with any partner that is willing to put in the same time and work as Sonos has done", Faisal Galaria, global head of business development of Spotify told Pocket-lint in an exclusive briefing at IFA, Berlin, Germany.

The news opens up the possibility of other collaborations with companies; like Sony and its Bravia range of televisions, and Google with its Google TV, to propel the service from early adopter office workers to mainstream living room users.

The comments follow the announcement last week that Spotify will be coming to the Sonos multi-room music system in the next couple of weeks, allowing premium users of the service (around 500,000 of them) to access Spotify's music offering via any room in the house rather than just on their PC or iPod.

Galaria also said that Spofity is, "definitely looking into a 30-day trial" for Sonos users in order to entice them into the service - something that it hasn't done to date even on the PC - and that Sonos is pushing to match similar offerings from Napster and Rhapsody on the service.

Sonos users have been calling for Spotify on their music system for some time now, with Sonos CEO MacFarlane telling Pocket-lint that it is the, "number one requested feature" from users in Europe.

Why not US as well? Because amazingly Spotify still isn't available in the USA, however as Galaria told us, that should all change soon with a promised launch before the end of 2010.

"We've spent the last 2 years proving a model before entering the biggest market of all", Galaria told Pocket-lint.

With Sonos support, and a large Sonos install base including celebrities like Tom Hanks, that move into the US should be a little easier.

The new software update and iPad app is expected to be available by the end of the month for Sonos users in the UK, France, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands.