The one thing about Sonos' music streaming systems that you've always been able to bank on is that they come in white. That's it! Take it or leave it.

However, its recent addition to the range, the S5, is a different kettle of fish. Instead of being shoved away in a cupboard, kit rack or high on a shelf - like its stable mates - it has been designed to be front of house; in plain sight. And not everybody wants the sterile aesthetics of the white version.

So, for the first time, the company is offering an optional colour for its S5 ZonePlayer: Black.

A tarting up in looks though, doesn't mean anything on the inside has changed. It is still a mighty, meaty stereo unit that hooks up to your home network, wired or wirelessly, and plays digital audio files of many different flavours. It can still be controlled from a PC, iPhone or the company's own controllers. And it's still the bees knees in music streaming.

Now, though, for £359, it can also match the rest of your kit. And hide in a referee's changing room.