(Pocket-lint) - Improving a TV's sound for movies and TV shows is usually high on the agenda for many. Thankfully, we have several different options for creating our own home cinema. If you have space, you can install a 5.1 surround sound system. Or if you have a lot more space (and money) you can choose a Dolby Atmos system. 

For the majority of us, a soundbar will suffice, but there are several different options out there vying for our attention. Hoping to get in on the action is Sky, who has just announced its own all-in-one sound solution, called the Soundbox.

But what exactly is it, what can it do and how can you get one? Allow us to explain.

What is the Sky Soundbox?

  • 210 x 375 x 95mm 
  • Nine speaker drivers
  • 4kg

The Sky Soundbox is a complete one-box audio system made by renowned French audio company Devialet. It comprises three 2-inch full range drivers in 120-degree configuration to offer as wide a soundscape as possible in a neat device.

It also comes with six 3-inch woofers in dual push-push configuration that give the right amount of oomph to accompany any movie and TV show soundtrack.

Everything is housed within a black box, which from the pictures looks as though it could be quite large. Until we have one in front of us though, we'll reserve judgement on its design. 

What can the Sky Soundbox do?

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Automatic sound modes for Sky Q
  • Dynamic volume adjustment

Sky has fitted the Soundbox with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream music from supported devices, but it's primarily designed to work best when connected to a Sky system or television directly. If you have Sky Q, you'll even be able to benefit from specific automatic listening modes.

There is dynamic volume management on board as well as several modes to enhance listening experiences in different situations. A Dialogue enhance mode bumps up the speech in movies and shows, a late night mode decreases bass to ensure you don't annoy the neighbours, and a kids mode gives parents control over maximum volume to protect the hearing of children.

It has HDMI in and out ports, an optical audio input and is compatible with Dolby Digital+ - the surround sound format preferred by TV broadcasters.

Unfortunately, even though Sky has announced that Sky Q now supports Dolby Atmos - perfect timing for the start of the new Premier League season - the Sky Soundbox can't support the audio codec. Instead, Sky says the Soundbox is able to create a 360-degree soundfield similar to a 5.1-system, all from one box.

How can I get a Sky Soundbox?

Sky is taking pre-registrations for the Sky Soundbox now, just head to the Sky website to find out more.

It costs £799 to non-Sky customers but Sky subscribers get incredible deals. If you are a new or existing Sky Q Multiscreen customer, you can get the Sky Soundbox for £249. All other existing Sky subscribers can nab one for £299.

Writing by Rik Henderson and Max Langridge.