(Pocket-lint) - Like LG, Samsung is seemingly leaving no surprises for CES 2015 - at least, not when it comes to its audio products. It has pre-empted the show with an announcement of the various speakers it plans to have on its stand.

The company has expanded its line-up of curved soundbars to match its curved TVs to a total of four at sizes from 45- to 78-inches. Pocket-lint saw (and heard) the HW-H7500 at IFA in September and that will be joined in the family by the 8500, 6500 and 6000 series curved speakers.

The top of the range 8500 will have 9.1 channel speakers inside, with a central speaker and additional side speakers at each end.

But perhaps the biggest announcement comes in the form of Samsung's strangely-shaped 360-degree speakers designed to fill rooms with audio from all angles.

The WAM7500 and WAM6500 speakers use ring radiator technology to emit sound in a 360-degree radius. They were developed in the firm's new audio lab in Valenica, California and use "premium materials" in the construction.


The 7500 comes with a stand while the 6500 is a "movable type" speaker that can presumably be placed on shelves or around the room.

Pocket-lint will be at CES 2015 next week to check them both out.

Writing by Rik Henderson.