Roberts has launched the iDream, an iPod-friendly DAB clock radio.

Designed for the bedroom, it's an DAB/FM RDS digital stereo clock radio with a built-in iPod dock.

The iDream lets users listen to their iPod through its speakers and charges the 'Pod at the same time.

On the radio side of things, there are 20 station presets as well as auto timeset, and the radio displays time and station info on a blue backlight screen that's dimmable.

User can select the clock to stay on screen whilst tuned to a favourite station, unlike other DAB clock radios on the market that default to the details of the station being listened to.

Two different alarms can be set to wake to iPod, the radio or a buzzer with adjustable sleep and snooze timers.

Complete with a remote control, the iDream is available in a black finish with silver-grilled speakers and is priced at £79.99.