Following in the footsteps of rival Pure, Roberts has launched a range of green DAB radios, under the "ecologic" sub-brand.

The ecologic 1 portable DAB radio comes complete with a built-in battery charger that recharges the six AA batteries when plugged into a power socket.

Other features include 10 station pre-sets, clock with auto time set, headphone socket. Available in black or white the ecologic 1 costs £49.99.

The ecologic 2 model also offers a built-in battery charger and claims to be the slimmest, most compact model on the market.

Costing £59.99 the ecologic 2 is available in black or white and gets the same feature set as the 1.

The ecologic 3 boasts 120 hours battery life from four D Cell batteries, can be run off the mains with the supplied AC adaptor, offers 10 presets, and gets separate rotary tone control.

Available in black or white the ecologic 3 costs £69.99.