Roberts has launched the Sound 40, an "all singing, all dancing" DAB alarm clock radio.

The Sound 40 will let you wake up to the radio, CD, buzzer or your own personal music collection from SD card, MP3 player or iPod.

Offering DAB radio, CD, SD card and MP3/WMA playback, the radio also offers a remote control and CD/SD "bookmark" function that remembers the last played position while MP3 player and iPod playback is via auxiliary input socket.

The blue back-lit LCD display can be dimmed for sleeping and shows info about the station you’re listening to as well as an "easy-to-navigate" menu system and automatic clock set.

The Sound 40 offers various alarm modes such as: once, daily, Monday-Friday as well as additional time options for weekends, all of which have sleep and snooze functions.

In black or silver, the Sound 40 costs £100.