Roberts describe their latest offering, the Sound 37, as an "all singing, all dancing" DAB CD Stereo Clock Radio.

As well as the benefits of DAB, the Sound 37 offers multiple alarms, CD and MP3/WMA playback, and the unique "CD
Bookmark" function.

The CD Bookmark function automatically remembers the last played position on the disc. Switch it off and when you return it will pick up where you left off, just as with a car stereo.

So - perfect for anyone who is fed up with listening to the same first three songs of an album all the time...

The Sound 37's multiple alarms can wake you up to your preferred CD track, radio or buzzer.

Features include an auxiliary input socket for MP3/WMA playback, sleep and snooze functions, 20 station presets, and a dim-able, easy to read LCD display.

Housed in a compact black cube design the Sound 37 costs £79.99 and is available now.