Roberts has launched the MP-Sound 41, a new compact portable digital radio with Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) technology.

The claim is with the new silver offering that, thanks to its complete portability and EPG capabilities, you'll never have to miss a show again.

The EPG feature means that you can programme the radio to record your favourite shows up to a week in advance and can set it to record up to 12 programmes at any one time.

Using the EPG function you can also record up to eight hours of directly onto SD card.

With a full screen display which means no scrolling, and cassette key-style navigation giving pause, rewind, fast-forward, record and playback, Roberts states the radio is very easy to operate.

The MP-Sound 41 also offers PausePlus, clock function with up to 12 alarms and a headphone socket.

Available now, the MP-SOUND 41 costs £139.99.