Roberts has followed rival radio makers Pure down the green gadget route with the launch of the Gemini 21 that offers 150 hours of battery life.

The Gemini 21 is the first of a range of eco-friendly radios from Roberts that address the issue of DAB radios typically being power-hungry.

The Gemini 21 offers 150 hours battery life, which is five times more than other radios on the market, so you'll need to purchase batteries less often.

Alternatively the radio can be operated via the mains and has a reduced level of power consumption.

So, the claim is that whether you decide to use batteries or mains the Gemini 21 will save you money while helping the environment.

Available in sleek sliver with amber backlight or contemporary black with blue backlight, it features stereo speakers as well as separate Bass and Treble controls to enhance your listening experience.

The Gemini 21 costs £79.99 and is available now.