The Poolside 2 from Roberts is a new splash proof FM/MW portable radio.

If you like singing in the shower then this new offering from venerable British radio brand Roberts could be for you.

It's perfect for using in your bathroom or outside in the garden as it can withstand more than a splattering of water.

A sturdy swivel handle/hanger lets you hang the radio in your bathroom or carry it outside giving the flexibility of listening anywhere in your home.

Alternatively a wall bracket is provided so you can make it a more permanent fixture in your bathroom.

The Poolside 2 features a "poolside alarm and LED torch" supposedly so you can attract attention in case of emergencies by the pool and an adjustable nap timer can be set to wake you up if you drift off to sleep in the afternoon sun.

Other benefits of the radio include: five pre-set nap timers, five station pre-sets, a carrying strap, auto tuning and FM/RDS station name display.

The Poolside 2 costs £60 and is available now.