Classic British radio brand Roberts and Frontier Silicon, a leading DAB receiver manufacturer, have teamed up to develop a DAB plug in accessory that will work with iPods.

The plug-in, measuring 52.4 x 32.0 x 8.1mm, will let iPodders listen to DAB stations, as well as FM, and will
be able to be also used as a remote control to play, pause, fast-forward or rewind your music.

FM-tuners are popular add-ons for iPods seeing as Apple's iconic portable jukebox has never been given radio abilities in any of its redesigns, so a DAB version should prove a winner – although how much this add-on drains the battery will be of interest.

With millions of iPods sold in the UK this could have wide reaching audience increasing effects for DAB stations and it's a move that’s being welcomed by the Digital Radio Development Bureau, as it could potentially get more yoof on the go into the radio format.

Roberts is due to launch the product in Autumn 2007 (so just in time for Crimble) and are predicting an RRP of £49.99.