(Pocket-lint) - Qualcomm has announced Qualcomm AllPlay, a new feature for its processors that will let you replicate the Sonos system in your home without worrying about what brand the speaker is.

For those unaware of Sonos, it is a multi-room system that allows to you manage your music from a central app and then have it streamed to speakers called zones around your house - either opting to play the same music in multiple rooms or different music at the same time in different rooms.

With Qualcomm's new offering, however, which uses the company's technology AllJoyn, the company is hoping that brands will adopt the technology allowing a brand agnostic system to work in your home seamlessly.

In real terms that means the possibility of connecting a Pioneer speaker with a Bose speaker and then to something from Bang & Olufsen and control it all via a single app on your phone.

It's an idea that also replicated Spotify Connect, but goes one step further by allowing multiple device control at the same time.

To give the new feature an extra push, Qualcomm has teamed up with Rhapsody in the US to launch an app that will work with the new tech to show what's possible and encourage others to get on board. The team-up follows a previous trial with DoubleTwist that we checked out in February at Mobile World Congress.

The AllPlay Click SDK before the end of the year says Qualcomm, and will allow developers to add the feature to their own apps quickly and easily.

Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm's CEO, says that the company is already working with a number of major brands to bring the technology to market shortly, although at this time he isn't ready to make any announcements on who or when exactly will be able to buy it.

For now Sonos seems safe, however for how long depends on how quick manufacturers take the new technology on board.

Writing by Stuart Miles.