Pure has let us know that its Chronos iDock Series 2, which it launched at IFA, is now available in the UK. The unit combines a number of functions into its shell, as well as support for both iPod and iPhone docking. While your device is docked, you can play music from it and control it via remote control.

Also in the iDock is a DAB, DAB+ and FM clock radio and a powered USB port so that you can connect up a phone charger, reading light, mini fan, cup warmer, or even a chainsaw. There's also a set of front-panel connectors so that you can connect up a pair of headphones or an MP3 player.

There are four on-board alarms that can be set to wake you up with the radio, a docked iPod or iPhone, or just a beep. There's also adjustable sleep and snooze timers and a dimmable display so that your bleary eyes don't get overwhelmed by photons first thing in the morning.

The Chronos iDock Series II is in shops now, and it'll cost you £100.