Pure Digital has eluded to a number of new technologies for its DAB and now internet radios in the coming months.

Talking at a press conference to launch its latest radio, the Pure Evoke Flow, Colin Crawford, Director of Marketing of Pure Digital hinted that the company would be launching a DAB radio capable of playing back videos on a built-in screen.

"We won't be announcing anything this year", Crawford said, before stumbling over his words to say "That we aren’t here to talk about next years products".

The company's new radio, which will comes with internet support via Wi-Fi launches at the end of September and allows listeners to access a large catalogue of podcasts. It is expected therefore that Pure Digital will launch a device in 2009 that would support Video Podcasts as well.

But that wasn't the only new technology we can expect from Pure in the near future.

Crawford, seemingly getting over-excited with what's in store, also blurted out that Pure will be adding support for people to buy tracks at the press of a button when they hear them on the radio.

"We already have the ecommerce in place", Crawford said.

Finally looking to build on social networking elements, Pure has said that it will allow users to tag songs, adverts and other elements of a broadcast so when they are next online they can find information.

The only catch we can see is that you'll need to be near the radio to press the button else you'll find you'll have to hurl yourself across the living room or kitchen before it's too late.

We will keep you posted.