Promising not just another internet radio Pure Digital has announced just that - an internet and DAB/DAB plus radio on Thursday.

"The market is missing an iconic device", said a spokesman for the company at the UK launch. "This is the Evoke on steroids."

The new model, called the Pure Evoke flow, will look like any other Pure radio however promise greater connectivity.

The radio will feature Wi-Fi (which means it will allow you to connect to locked hotspots), touch-sensitive buttons, it will come with an OLED screen and in the background will be run on Linux, but, say Pure, will still be an easy-to-use device.

Following Radiopaq, which announced a similar offering last week, Pure has also announced an internet site called Pure Lounge.

The online service, which you won't have to visit to use the radio, will allow you to personalise and manage your internet stations.

Users will be able to select favourites, manage music and even select audio filters so you only get high quality streams.

The new radio is out at the end of September for £150.