Pure has announced that its sold more than a quarter of a million units of the ONE radio.

These sales have been achieved in 18 months, making ONE the fastest selling DAB portable radio ever in terms of units sold.

As the first premium brand sub-£50 DAB digital radio, ONE was designed to be the radio for everyone. Pure says that sales show that this aim has been achieved as ONE is the top selling radio in the UK - DAB and analogue combined).

ONE is also now a member of the PURE EcoPlus range and has been re-designed to minimise environmental impact, with a standby power consumption of less than 1W and support for a rechargeable ChargePAK battery.

In addition is boasts packaging made from a minimum of 70% recycled material, finished with water based varnish, and documentation printed with soya-based ink on 100% recycled paper.

Ian Dickens, chief executive, Digital Radio Development Bureau says: "Pure Digital was the first company to bring affordable, high quality DAB products to market and, in a short period, has become a trusted consumer electronics brand. We congratulate them on achieving sales of a quarter-million with the ONE a milestone of Pure and DAB digital radio".