Pure Digital has announced the Chronos II, the "enhanced" follow-up to the original Chronos bed-side alarm clock.

Chronos II retains the original styling, but is now available in a choice of two colours. Tweaks come via an improved display, an automatic light sensor and FM with RDS functionality.

The Chronos II features a wide selection of alarms "to match listeners' lifestyles". There are four independent alarm settings that let owners wake to tone, DAB or FM, and set different alarm times for weekdays, weekends, every day or one offs.

With the Chronos II listeners can go to sleep to one DAB station and wake to a different one - and the volume of the radio alarms can be set individually too.

The sleep timer fades out gently to avoid a rude awakening and the alarm volume fades up to "ease" you from your sleep while you can choose how long the snooze timer lets you nap for.

The clock now has a light sensor which automatically adjusts the display brightness to suit the light levels in the room.

As part of Pure's EcoPlus range, Chronos II has been designed to minimise environmental impact, it has lower power consumption and green packaging.

Available in white or anodised aluminium, Chronos II will be in the shops from the end of October for £69.99.