Pure has launched the Chronos iDock - a combined DAB digital clock radio and iPod docking system that will let you wake up to DAB digital radio, FM, a simple tone alarm or an iPod track.

Based on Pure's Chronos CD, the iDock's iPod docking functionality will give the device strong appeal to a wide audience who own Apple's iconic music player.

The Chronos iDock charges your iPod when docked and is compatible with all 4th gen iPods, or there is a line-in which enables playback of an iPod shuffle, MiniDisc player or alternative MP3 players.

The Chronos iDock claims to deliver quality stereo sound for your music as well as all the DAB digital radio stations and associated features like textSCAN.

There are four independent alarms that can be set for weekdays, weekends, daily or as one-offs, an adjustable sleep timer, and a large snooze button which can be set for periods up to 59 minutes.

Like other recent offerings, the Chronos iDock is part of PURE's Ecoplus range with standby power consumption of less than 1W, and packaging and documentation based on recycled and sustainable materials.

Available in black or white, complete with remote control, the Chronos iDock will be £99.99 from the end of October 2007.