Pure Digital, the specialists in DAB radios, has made a few tweaks to its micro hi-fi unit, the DMX-50, to produce the DMX-60.

The new DMX-60 supports the Electronic Programme Guide, which gives listings for a week so that users can choose the programmes that they like and set the system to timer record to an SD memory card.

Intellitext is also supported by the new system; it lets users view the latest news as it is broadcast, as well as read headlines stored for retrieval. It even stores text messages while in standby mode.

The DMX-60 is also able to store up to 20 different alarms so that users can wake up to DAB or FM radio, CD, or MP3s.

The other features on the system are the same as on the DMX-50, and these include pausing and rewinding live radio; custom wound 5 and a quarter woofers with a 19mm Mylar-dome tweeters; and connectivity to a PC with a USB connection.

The DMX-60 will be available from October from Pure Digital for £249.99. http://www.pure-digital.com/