Here comes another on from PURE Digital.

The Chronos CD is a compact DAB and CD clock radio the promises to deliver superb audio quality from its small body.

Four completely independent alarms can be set for weekdays, weekends, daily, or as one-offs, and can each be programmed to sound off either DAB digital radio, FM radio, CD tracks, or a simple tone.

When you want to drift off, the sleep timer shuts off the radio at a set time.

An LCD display shows the current time plus DAB radio information via textSCAN, which lets you pause and control scrolling text, while a light sensor ensures that the screen dims during the night.

Other features include a large snooze button, as well as a stereo headphone socket and a remote control.

Apart from playing audio CDs, the Chronos CD also supports MP3 CDs and can be connected to an iPod or MiniDisc player for personal audio tracks.

The Chronos CD will be available from PURE Digital for just one pence shy of a pound.