PURE Digital, the makers behind the Evoke digital radio has launched what it is claiming is the world's first rechargeable DAB digital radio that can withstand the rigours of outdoor life.

Called the Oasis digital radio, users can connect an iPod or other audio device to use Oasis as a portable sound system. Oasis also provides over 15 hours of use from its built-in ChargePAK battery system. ChargePAK is a custom designed rechargeable battery with six high performance nickel metal hydride C-cells.

The radio has been tested to stringent international IP65 water-resistance standards and proved to be weatherproof and splash resistant in all conditions and has been ‘tested to be tough' for use outdoors as well as in the bathroom or kitchen.

Oasis' rugged design and build features a cast-aluminium protection frame, while rubber ‘bumpers' and recessed controls help prevent damage. Rubber covers protect input and output connectors from damp and dust. The removable aerial is rubber protected too and can be stored in the rear of the unit for transport.

The Oasis will be on sale from September 2005 for £119.99.