Pure the makers of the evoke Digital Radio has announced a new radio set called the EVOKE-2XT.

Based on the EVOKE-2, EVOKE-2XT boasts significant improvements including refined audio (redesigned drive units and filters; line input (for iPOD, CD, minidisk or MP3 device); kitchen countdown timer; 'wake-up' alarm; an easy to read white on blue display with custom icons and adjustable brightness; improved battery performance and choice of maple or cherry veneer finishes.

The EVOKE-2 XT will be available from August 2005 for £149.99 (SSP inc. VAT).

As well as a promise of significant battery life improvement - DAB playback is 25 hours from ordinary 'C' cell alkaline batteries - EVOKE-2XT is ChargePAK(tm) Ready. The ChargePAK(tm) C6 (bought separately; SSP £29.99) recharges in-unit to provide convenient DAB portability and over 15 hours of playback.

EVOKE-2XT also features 12 station presets, a headphone socket, stereo line-out and digital line-out for recording.