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(Pocket-lint) - Pure has relaunched its Evoke range of connected digital radios, introducing new designs, features and focus.

There are three new models - the Pure Evoke Spot, Evoke Play, and Evoke Home - which suit different budgets and scenarios.

The Pure Evoke Spot is the smallest of the bunch, with DAB+ and internet connectivity for radio listening and Spotify Connect to stream music from a phone or tablet. Bluetooth is also on board to send it tracks stored on a handset or from other streaming services.

It has a 2.4-inch, foldable colour display, four preset buttons and a single 3-inch full range speaker. Total power output is 20W. It costs £179.99.

The Pure Evoke Play is a step-up model. It too features DAB+, internet radio connectivity, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect, but ups the ante with the speaker setup.

It is stereo and features two 0.78-inch soft dome tweeters (20mm) and a single 3.5-inch woofer. Total power output is claimed to be 40W. Pricing is set at £249.99.

Finally, the Pure Evoke Home is the largest, most capable of the series.

It has all of the connectivity and features of its siblings, but adds a CD slot and more oomph, offering a stereo configuration for up to 100W of total power output.

The flip-up display is also larger - at 2.8-inches - while an additional 3.5-inch woofer is added to the same array as the Play.

The Spot and Play are available to pre-order now from Pure's own website in coffee black and cotton white colours. The Evoke Home will be available to order from December.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 3 November 2021.