(Pocket-lint) - DAB radio specialist Pure has revealed a revised range of new portable Elan models that offer a mix of options – DAB+, internet radio and Bluetooth are all catered for depending on the model.

Indeed, the Elan range features three models that can be powered with a USB cable or AA batteries.

The Elan DAB+ (£39.99), Elan Connect (£69.99) and Elan Connect+ (£89.99) come in Stone Grey or Charcoal. All three devices are quite similar-looking, but there are naturally a variety of differences between them. 

Each has features such as multiple station presets, alarms and timers. The basic model does DAB/FM plus Bluetooth, with 20 presets per radio source and three quick access buttons.

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Moving up in price, the Elan Connect adds internet radio stations alongside DAB+ and Bluetooth. Finally, the Elan Connect+ is a slightly enhanced stereo version with DAB+, internet radio and Bluetooth.

All of the radios include adjustable bass settings.

Despite the rise of internet radio and smart speakers, DAB is still very successful in the UK - last year it was reported that over 82 million DAB units had now been sold, with around half of those in the UK. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.